Sixers Basketball

Sixers Basketball allows surrounding area youth to travel, learn and mature as young adults. Basketball functions as a vehicle for change. It serves as the medium for mentoring participants through life lessons, driving home the importance of education and providing an opportunity to be exposed to experiences outside of East Texas.


Sixers basketball transcends all demographics via the camaraderie that our parents and participants develop over the summer months.


Basketball, in our sense, serves as a medium to carry educational messages. These messages surround the idea that hard work, dedication and perseverance provide the best opportunity to be successful. Sports are a reflection of society so we challenge our kids to think outside of the normality of their lives, and trust that our coaches have their best interest in mind.


Throughout the summer, our kids are told to “never look at the scoreboard.” For the majority of our kids, it is their first experience with organized activities during the summer months so the possibility of traveling out of town, staying in hotels and being away from their parents is exciting. All we require of our kids is that they work hard in practice, always compete and have fun playing a game they enjoy. If our kids leave everything on the court and execute the coaches’ plan to the best of their abilities, the number on the scoreboard can never dictate whether our players win or lose.

To reach Sixers Basketball directly with any questions or concerns, please email us at:

2019 Information


Registration for the 2019 Sixers summer basketball season has begun. The player fee this year will be $450 per player. 


Fee includes:

  • 4-5 tournaments -- within the time frame of June and July (tournaments will be identified/specified at a later date)

  • Lodging -- all players will be furnished hotel rooms during the weekend of each tourney.

  • Transportation -- vans will be rented to ensure all players have a way to each tourney.

  • Meals – we will make sure each player is given 3 meals a day while in our care.

  • Tournament Entry Fees

  • Any facility costs that we may incur for gym practices

  • Miscellaneous costs – any equipment that we may need to replace


The player fee does NOT cover:

  • Medical insurance. This is up to the player’s family to provide.

  • Shoes, bags, socks or any accessories.


The above fee must be paid in full prior to the season’s first tournament.  NO REFUNDS!

Below is the payment installment plan we provide:


First Payment          $250              Due May 1st

Second Payment      $250              Due June 1st


The Sixers reserve the right to decline any player registration or to accept only cash payment because of any previous or unresolved problems with former players.


Make checks and money orders payable to: Texas Youth Advocates


Practices will be held twice a week.  Once a location and date for the first practice has been determined, that information will be communicated to you.



Name                                    Position                               Contact Number

Daniel Tatum                        Director/Girls Coach                 (903) 724-8332

Dwight Carter                       18U Coach                            (903) 948-8920

Kris Parkes                           16U Coach                              (832) 851-0149

Undra White                         14U Coach                            (903) 922-4695

Crystal Davis                         Girls Coach                          (903) 373-5134